A Simple Way to Greater Returns

The Gigawatt Project unlocks the power of the sun for landlords and tenants using smart solar.

Gigawatt Project smart solar systems on rental properties monitor how much solar power is generated, how much of that power is used by the tenant and how much is sold back to the grid. Then the Gigawatt Project invoices the tenant for the power they use – at a cheaper rate than the power companies – and pass it on to the Landlord.

Landlords are able to make a solid return on their investment, and tenants get cheaper power – it’s a win-win provided by clean, renewable energy and common-sense smart technology.

Already have solar installed?
Looking to get a system on your rental property?
Are you a tenant looking for cheaper power bills?
Commercial property owner looking for greater returns?

The Gigawatt Project can help you. After all – we’re not a power company – you are.

When fed directly into a standard 30 years mortgage, SmartEarner takes years of the average home loan.

How it works

1. Install

We install a Gigawatt Project smart solar system on your rental property

2. Update lease

A power purchase agreement is included in the special conditions of your property’s rental agreement

3. Automated monitoring

The Gigawatt Project remotely monitors your tenants solar usage and the systems performance

4. Automated billing

The Gigawatt Project sends your tenant a monthly bill for the solar generated power

5. Collect income

The returns are directed to your nominated bank account

Let’s get started.