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Do you own an investment property? SmartEarner solar is the simplest and most reliable way to add profitable additional income to your investment. Start selling solar power to your next tenant.

They save, you earn, we take care of everything in between.

Request a proposal, approve it online, and relax while we do the rest.

Phenomenal returns.

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Start saving.

Do you own your own home or commercial property? Investing in solar power will slash your electricity bill, contribute to a clean energy future, and provide unbeatable returns on your initial investment. Our in-house engineers and installers will give you the perfect system for your situation – backed with a warranty on materials and workmanship. Contact us today to find out how much you could be saving with solar.


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Innovative solutions.

The Gigawatt Project have in-house engineers and only work with accredited Clean Energy Council installers. What sets us apart is our commitment to converting solar energy into reliable, measurable financial returns.

To do this, we’ve developed our own technology and processes to measure, meter, and maintain the systems we install. Our support services eliminate any hassle.

A solar energy system is good. A Smart Solar system can be strategically deployed for maximum ROI. Contact us today to discuss a tailor-made solar solution for your home, business or organisation.