Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ongoing maintenance?

Yes. We meter, and monitor the performance of the solar system. If anything goes wrong, we can notify you.

Do you offer a referral program?

Yes. Click here for more information.

Do I need a tenant before I can join SmartEarner?

No. In fact, the best time to join the program is when you are between lease agreements.

What if my tenant doesn't pay?

If your tenant has agreed to the conditions supplied, you can take the same recourse as any other bill in arrears.

Does the tenant need to sign another contract?

We recommend you add the new power purchase agreement clause into your lease contract, so no additional contracts are required.

If you have an existing lease agreement with the tenant it’s a good idea to have the tenant sign on to the new arrangement in writing.

What if the system doesn’t save the tenant money?

If the tenant finds a KwH rate that is below the SmartEarner rate, the tenant can supply a bill as proof, and the SmartEarner rate adjusted to be a discount.

This is a rare situation, as traditional retail energy prices continue to rise.

How long does the system take to pay off?

This depends on how much energy your tenants use over the life of the system, usually it’s less than 5 years, and if the returns are funneled into your mortgage, cuts 3 years off the average home loan.

Can The Gigawatt Project install a system on my own home or business?

Yes! We can tailor a quality  solution for your specific requirements.